"Add Related Entities" command excluded CBUSH coordinate system?




I'm using Femap 11.2 and ran into an issue with getting all the related entities into a group, specifically CBUSH's orientation coordinate system.  Here are the steps that led to my issue:

- Created a group with just the elements

- "Add Related Entities" command

- All the nodes related CSYS are added to the group, but not the CBUSH's CSYS that used to define its orientation


I don't remember running into this issue using an ealier version of Femap.  This is frustrating because I used a Referenced Group that comprise of many parts and keep getting fatal errors because a CBUSH's CSYS did not get into the group that is being analyzed.



Linh Bui


Re: "Add Related Entities" command excluded CBUSH coordinate system?

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Siemens Phenom

The orientation of CBUSH via a Coordinate System is a relatively new feature and unfortunately incorporating this into "Add Related" was never implemented. This capability however will work in the upcoming v11.3 release.