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solid, shell element. submodel ?

I am a bigginer in FEMAP , I have a surface of laminate plate which contents of three ply. The lamiante plate is only shell element. I wonder if that is possible a submodel inside this rectangle and this submodel will be also a rectangle but will be contents shell element, solid element (between) thereefter shell element. This submodel will represent the laminate but the different will be solid element in the middle. I attach a picture of that.

I did the submodel as a own layer which means that there is two layers. one laminate and the secound alone. I could extrude this layer and build solid element from it but i cant build the shell element under the solid. I could do it by using CAD program. But in my case I have only mesh to work through it. I attach a picture of the problem. I can also attach the file if it need?


Re: solid, shell element. submodel ?

Here, I add the example , which is missing to extrude the submodel to 3d solid and build shell element below it as a picture before. This should working with analysis test: It needs only 3d solid and shell element under it