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stress wizard - he shall not pass




Could it be possible in future versions to add a "safety" to the stress wizard?

I don't use it, but several times I've launched it by mistake when wanting to check coincident nodes. If you have large CAD models loaded it takes a LONG time to recover the session.


Could a message box be added asking "are you sure you want to launch the stress wizard?", or perhaps a stop button? Or is there already a way to stop it?





Re: stress wizard - he shall not pass

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you are not actually using the Stress Wizard, one simple thing you can do today is to simply remove it from the menu.   Click on any of the little "down-arrows" at the right end of any toolbar and pick "Customize". Once the "Customize" dialog is displayed, click on the regular Tools Menu, go down to the Stress Wizard, right click and choose "Delete".  This will remove it from the menu and you can always put it back later with Customize if you need it.


Alternatively, you could also just move it to some other location on the menu where it would not be hit by accident.. .maybe even make another level in the menu. Again in customize on the "Commands" tab, you can choose "New Menu", drop it right where the Stress Wizard is, right click to name it "Stress Wizard", then drag the actual command down a level onto it.