Assign Random Property Colors in Femap

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Femap Tips and Tricks: Random Property Color

To aid model visualization it is sometimes useful to be able to clearly distinguish the various properties
of the model. How can you assign individual colors for each property randomly in Femap?

First of all, to view the model by property color, we have to switch that on in View | Options, by
selecting 3..Property Colors under Element in the Labels, Entities and Color category.




Then select Apply.

Now in the menus we can select Modify | Color | Property and we get the selection dialog. Alternatively
in the Model Info tree we can expand the Model, right click on Properties and select Color.




In the Color Palette dialog click the Random… button and the Color Assignment dialog will appear.



At this stage we can assign the colors by ID (including separation of bands of IDs), entity type, or group
to help distinguish model components and help model identification and verification. Click OK and
Femap assigns random colors to all the individual properties.



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 Hi, this maybe something that I do not know how to do, but for some reason, after I updated FEMAP to 11.4 and advanced versions, when I do random color assignment by property ID, there are some properties that get black color which is very annoying because the element edges are set to black. This never happened in the previous versions before 11.4. Is there a particular setting to block the black color when you do random color by property ID?


Thank you.