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Femap API for Checking Connection Regions for Gaps and Angular Discontinuities - Revised

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Siemens Phenom

When using Assembly Connections in NX Nastran, it is recommended that a single Connection Region be contiguous (no gaps between element surfaces and/or element faces) and that the difference in normals between adjacent surfaces and/or element faces be within a reasonable tolerance.  For more information on this, refer to Section 19 of the NX Nastran User Guide, available via Femap's Help > NX Nastran command.


The revised API script checks selected Connection Regions for surface and element continuity, both for gaps in the definition of the Region and for changes in angles between surfaces normals at common edges or changes in angles between adjacent element faces greater than 15 degrees.  The revised script also checks where gaps occur between contiguous surfaces as shown in Region 4.  It also checks for gaps in element face Regions (Region 13) and where an element is attached to other elements in the Region by a single node as occurs in Region 15.  The attachment also includes a test model as a Femap Neutral file in case you desire to make modifications to the script such as the angular tolerance (angleTol).


This API script generates a group for each selected Connection Region, then performs the continuity and surface normal deviation checks.  Note that checking Regions defined by a large number of element faces may take some time.  Messages are generated showing the Group ID generated for the selected Regions along with the passing or failure of the Region check.


Please respond if you find any issues with running this script.




Best Regards,
Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development