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Femap Tips and Tricks: Coincident Node Move Only

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Sometimes you may need to set up a model to have a set of coincident nodes which can be connected together using spring or gap elements. To help prepare such a model, Femap includes a method of moving nodes to be coincident within a tolerance.


This is the Move Only, No Merge option which can be found in the Check/Merge Coincident Node dialog.


In the menu, select Tools / Check / Coincident Nodes and select the nodes to check in the Entity Selection dialog box.




The Move Only, No Merge option will move nodes found to be within the coincident node tolerance. In the Check/Merge Coincident dialog, enter a suitable number for the Tolerance.


Click on the Move To button to control how the nodes move - higher ID to lower, lower ID to higher, or both to the midpoint of the distance between them.


Then select the Action button and set that to Move Only, No Merge.




You can check to see which nodes have been selected for the move operation by clicking the Preview button.




Click Done and OK to execute the move operation.







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