Femap Tips and Tricks: Loading Contour

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One method of quickly verifying correct loading definition particularly for two dimensional spatial loads such as pressures or temperatures, is to view the load as a contour plot.

In a model where you have such a loading definition you can set the load to be an output vector in a new set that can then be treated as any output vector and contoured.  The first step is to create the new output set by selecting Model | Output | Create/Manage Set… in the menu and clicking the New Output Set… button in the Output Set Manager dialog, and entering a title for the set in the New Output Set dialog.




The next step is to populate the set with (in this case) the element pressure load vector by selecting  Model | Output | From Load… in the menu, select Pressures in the Elemental Loads section of the Select Type of Load dialog, and click OK. Femap then creates the new output vector of pressure elemental pressure loads in the new output set which can then be viewed as a contour using the regular postprocessing commands.




Select View Select in the menu and click the Deformed and Contour Data… button. In the Output Set section of the Select PostProcessing Data dialog select new set and the vector for contouring.








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