Femap Tips and Tricks: Toggle Entity Visibility using the Select Toolbar

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For large models with tens, hundreds or even thousands of solids, materials and or properties, the election of a subset of those entities for display is made easy using the Select toolbar.




The Selector Entity pulldown menu sets the entity type you want to control visibility of.


                                      2.1 - Selector Entity - Zoom.png


Once you select the entity type you want to toggle the display of, the Selector Mode menu allows you to Add To Selection or Remove From Selection.  Selection modes that can be set in Femap's Graphics pane such as pick Front, Select All Inside, Show Tooltips and show Layers/Groups in Tooltips are accessible from this pull-down menu.

You can also switch from Select Single Item (Femap’s default) to Select Multiple.  When you enable Select Related, any entity related to a selected entity is automatically included in the Selection List and the option for Select Multiple is automatically enabled.


                              2.2 - Selector Mode - Zoom.png


The Selector Actions pulldown menu gives access to selection methods accessible normally through a selection dialog box when the Select Multiple option is enabled as the Selector Mode.


                             2.3 - Selector Actions - Zoom.png


When the Selector Mode is set to Select Multiple, selected entities are included in the Model Info pane’s Selection List object tree until the selection list is cleared.

Once you have the entity or entities selected and visibility set for these entities, simply click the Selector Entity icon and the selector is toggled off.


            2.4 - Choose Visibility Option.png


For more details on the Select toolbar, see Section of the Femap Commands manual.


You can watch the video of this Femap tip on YouTube.



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I m new to femap. My question is how to activate the select toolbar. I was not able to find it

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To open this toolbar, select the Tools > Toolbars > Select command.  When you do this, it toggles on and off the Select toolbar.


Since this time this video was posted, we implemented the Draw/Erase toolbar that can also be used to toggle individual entities on and off.  Please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04P3s8GQtqI for an overview of the use of this toolbar.