NXCAE13: University of California & Saratech

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Shannon Gott, Ph. D. Candidate, University of California Riverside (Bourns School of Engineering) and Andrew Jabola, Application Engineer, Saratech (Siemens Partner) delivered the following presentation on how to develop and refine titanium micromachining techniques to create nanopatterned titanium stents. This is based on the hypothosis that rationally-designed surface nanopatterning will enhance desired vascular cell responses relative to uncontrolled surfaces.


Andrew and Shannon used NX 8.5 Advanced Simulation for Pre/Post and for teh solver – NX NASTRAN 8.5 Advanced Nonlinear (ADINA) 601/129 NL Transient Solution.

The presentation is also available for download at the end of this article. 



Here are the animations from the presentation

Boundary Conditions

(view in My Videos)


Expansion with Contact

(view in My Videos)


Flat Expansion Crush

(view in My Videos)


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