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Analysis Procedure of a Beam Structure Assembly

Could someone help me, on which is the best way to do a static analysis of a beam structural assembly like that you can see in the attached file (

Re: Analysis Procedure of a Beam Structure Assembly

Well, basically my recomendations are to mesh with 1-D CBAR/CBEAM elements the structural members and mesh with Shell 2-D CQUAD4 the to plate. Alternativelly you can mesh the full model with shell elements.

The geometric requirements are the following:
1.- for the beam elements you must create center lines of cross sections for structural members, you will use them to mesh with 1-D CBEAM/CBAR elements. You must use CBEAM elements to mesh the open cross sections, and optionaly CBAR for the symmetric closed cross sections.
2.- You can use the end surfaces of the cross sections of the structural members to compute automatically the cross section properties.
3.- You must create in the idealized file both the center lines and the midsurface of the top plate.
4.- And finally use rigid elements RBE2 to define the joints between CBEAM & CQUAD4 elements. Or optionally to define OFFSETS in BEAMs.

Basically these are the steps to follow, but if you are new in this job, better ask a training course from an expert, there are many tricks involved to arrive to a successfull analysis solution.

Best regards

Re: Analysis Procedure of a Beam Structure Assembly

Hi Blast,
Thanks a lot of your reply. Actually I am not new in CAE, but for sure not more than an intermediate user. I have only solve projects for plastic parts, using 3D mesh.
Regarding my Beam Assy I will follow your instructions and let you know.
Best Regards,
Yiorgos Mantas.