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Assign Output2 in GUI


Hey together,

 I've got a little problem. I want to do a dynamic reduction (Sol 103 Superelement). It all works fine if I'm writing the solver input deck on my own, but I wanted to implement all data from this deck into my .sim file/GUI.

If I'm trying to create an identical input deck from the GUI, I see no possibility to change neither the "DMIGOP=20" statement nor the "assign output2="...", unit=20" at the file management section.

I am trying to implement the following:

assign output2="...", unit=12

assign output2="..._superelement..", unit=30

extseout(....,extid=10, dmigop2=30)


The standard which is written out from NX in my case is:

assign output2="..." status=unknown unit=20





I could do a dirty workaround by using a user defined test in the GUI, but I am not completely satisfied by this solution. Is there a possibility to take action concerning these "units" and the outputs in the GUI?


Thank you a lot!


Kind regards

BennySmiley Happy


Re: Assign Output2 in GUI

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can assign the superelement ID (extid) on the Superelement Options modeling object that is selected on the Case Control tab on the Solution dialog.


The extid will be appended to the .op2 filename. You cannot specify the filename directly. You cannot specify the unit number of hte .op2 file. You could submit an enhancement request to GTAC for these two items.

Re: Assign Output2 in GUI


Thank you for your answer.

The extid function has been already clear to me, my main focus was on the other things, but thank you anyway.


What do you exactly mean by contact GTAC for enhancement? What will they do to help me and how long do you think would it take?

Re: Assign Output2 in GUI

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Contact GTAC via phone or online (


You can submit an enhancement request asking that the capabilities you desire be added to the solftware. That request will be added to the list and be evaluated by product management for inclusion in a future release of the software.