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Beam Analysis: Beam cross section view different nature of stress at different beam length



I am doing a problem of I bean subjected to uniform transverse load actiong downward on beams. Since the load is acting same (downward) through out the beam, I understand that the nature of stress should be same through out the beam compressive at top fibers and tensile at bottom fibers. The contour plots I get from NX 11.0, shows that the stress is negative near the centre of beam length and positive near the two corners. Also when I see the beam cross section view, at element near beam centre it shows, top fibers in compression and bottom fibers in tension while when I choose an element near beam ends, it shows top fibers in tension and bottom fibers in compression. 

Can anyone explain why am I getting theses kind of results or is my understanding wrong and I am supposed to get theses kind of results only.

I cross checked using few other problems also and getting the same type of results. .

I have attached the problem and NX results. 



Ashwani Thakur.