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Bolt preload in Nx Sol 601

I need to use the Sol 601 in Nx for a university project.

So far, I just need to get familiar with the bolt preload to recreate the clamping effect of a bolt.

In the Sol 601, I defined a bolt preload in the .Fem file and then I assigned preload value to the 1D shank in the .SIM file.

My model so far is very simple. Just two plates to form a single lap joint with one hole in the middle of each plate where the bolt should be.
The preload 1D mesh joins the top of one plate to the bottom on the other one.
Friction contact is properly defined.

I get the "no results found" at the end of the simulation.

I tried to completely remove the preload from .SIM and .FEM, and I replaced it with a force acting on the top of one plate and the simulation runs fine with coherent results at the end.

Anyone has an idea to why the 1d preload bolt doesn't seem to work in the Sol601?

Thank you

Re: Bolt preload in Nx Sol 601


First place to check is in the .f06 text file which is created wherever your analysis files are being created.  Check for all the WARNINGS and ERRORS.  Some of the warnings may be generic (eg. no rotational stiffness for solid element nodes, if you are using solids), but otherwise you should see what message(s) are advising as to why the analysis did not run.  Also, NX Nastran attempts to apply the pre-load in a single sub-step.  This may be difficult - if the physics is challenging - and can be forced to smaller sub-divisions.  Also, just need to be 100% sure... your pre-load value is set as positive, not negative?

Re: Bolt preload in Nx Sol 601

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter
How are you connecting the 1D bolt to the plates? Do you have RBE connections? Have you chosen all the 1D elements as part of the bolt definition? Also, can you post the summary f06 error messages? Thank you.