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Boundary conditions for dynamic vibration analysis


Greeting dear experts,


I'm new user of NX Nastran, so I'm sorry for my general questions.


I have a circular saw blade as my tool using for cutting a pipe. I'm trying to have some dynamic analysis for my blade and finding the frequency as a result. I have the force which is time-dependent. For the fisrt case, I'm going to find the natural frequency without applying the load, then modal transient response for the second case including the force. 


I used Nastran SOL 103 to find natural frequency. is that a proper choice?


I'm planning to use SOL 112 for dynamic analysis. is that a good chice?


Finally, the last question is about my boundary conditions. The blade is assembled to the spindle. They have rotation (let's say 300RPM) and one translation. Just for analyzing the blade, I used user defined constraint on the surface of the blades's hole and fixed all DOF except DOF1 and DOF6. is that enough boundary?


I attached some file and appreciate for any help. Again sorry for the naive way of asking.


Best regards.