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Checking Results during Calculation, Solver 601, ADINA Solver




Is ist possible to check results during the calculation? When I do a 601 solution, i'd often like to see if the simulation does what I want it to do and if I set up everything correctly. As NX is saving all the steps I want anyways, is it possible to view results before the calculation is over?


or, if that is not possible, could I at least:


get the results that have been calculated so far if I stop the solution? Maybe there is some kind of parameter which is somewhat like the BAILOUT=1 in the Solution 101, just in terms of giving the results calculated so far?


ABAQUS by the way, lets you check all the steps as soon as they are calculated. It would be nice if that would be possible in NX too!


Thank You!




Re: Checking Results during Calculation, Solver 601, ADINA Solver

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To check result for Sol601 and 701 during solving, you can try to open the .f06 or .log file. These files are updates continuously throughout the solving process.


To obtain the current result without completing the entire solving process, you can do as followed:

1. Open a new notepad file.

2. Write

Stop = 1

3. Save the new notepad file as tmpadvnlin.rto

Make sure that the extension is alter from .txt to .rto

4. Copy this .rto file to the current solving directory.

The solving process will stop at the current step.




Re: Checking Results during Calculation, Solver 601, ADINA Solver


Hello Users,


Am interested in knowing the method as well. I guess the question in the first place was to view results during an Analysis without interrrupting or stopping the same.


ADINA seems to write the outputs out into the op2 files. Then one should have the possibility to view intermediate results without interrupting.


Thanks in advance


Best Regards


Aravind Chakravarthi