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Combination of contact and glue condition


I want to define both contact and glue condition in my assembly model. There are 30 face pairs and I want half of them to be contact and another half to be glue. However both contact and glue conditions are applied on all 30 face pairs when I use automatic face pair. Then I have to delete those conditions that I do not need (30 pairs).

Is there a smarter way to do sure thing? Let say I first apply all face pairs to be contact then I delete half of them (15 pairs). After that I apply the rest face pair to be glue.


Thank you very much


Re: Combination of contact and glue condition

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In Automatic Pairing, you select the faces that you want to be considered in the pairing algorithm. If you don't want contact or glue created on certain faces, don't select those faces as candidate pairing faces.


This is really a workflow question: is it easier to select specific faces as seeds for the pairing, or is it easier to select all faces for the pairing, then go back and delete the unwanted contact/glue pairs.