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Contact type problem in NX


Hi, I am trying to model a quarter model of quadcopter drone. 

I wanted some guidance on two surface contacts, I have attached the snapshots of the two cases.

Case 1: Contact between motor and a spinner: The top part of motor rotates with the spinner, now I am confused as to what type of contact is it.

Can it be a glue or surface contact or should I join it using RB2 and make the dof about vertical axis free (to keep the rotation effect on)

Case 2: Contact between quadcopter arm and plate. There is a bolt connection that I have modeled using bolt element but what about the rest surface in contact, should it be a glue contact only.




Re: Contact type problem in NX


For the case 2 the tipe of contact is surface contact with friction and preload, if you use glue contact you can remove bolts;

For case 1 I think you can use glue contact or surface contact with friction, but in this case you have to use bolts and its preload.


Best Regards