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DMIG element do not work!


Hi everybody, I am trying to insert a stiffness matrix in a FEM model by hands. In particular I am modelling a 1D beam and I want to sobstitute one element with a DMIG stiffness matrix.

To do that I create the .fem and .sim in NX Nastran and than I delete one element, I export the simulation in .dat file and using the text editor, I insert the DMIG stiffness matrix.

I follow the example in NastranNXGuide pag. 308 but without good results. In attachment you can see two different version of the input file where I define the DMIG matrix.


The problem is given by this message:

         ***WARNING : NASTRAN input file contains recognized but unsupported NX card types.

         5 DMIG

         ...Total of 5 cards skipped.
         Bulk data cards evaluated


In addiction in some cases I notice an additional error where the the colomn are imported in the wrong order.


Can someone help me? It is very important for me solve this problem!


Re: DMIG element do not work!

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Siemens Phenom

The error message indicates that NX recognizes DMIG as a valid Nastran card, but there is no landing spot for that data to be imported into NX. In other words, there is no modeling object, solution object, etc. in NX that can defined/store DMIG data.


You specify the import option to store unsupported cards as user defined text. This will essentially create a modeling object that behaves like an include file. The text strings are stored in a user defined text modeling object so that they will be written back out to a Nastran deck if the model is exported.

Re: DMIG element do not work!

But how is possible that DMIG elements are not supported? How can I solve this problem (if it can be solved)?