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Definiiton of Mooney-Rivling material model in NX AdvSim


I need to enter in NX AdvSim 7.5 the properties of a rubber-like material to solve with SOL601 Advanced Nonlinear module, the only available material data I have is the following:
Model Type = HyperElastic - Mooney Rivlin.
Units = English (IPS).
Poisson's ratio (NUXY) = 0.4995.
First material constant (MOONEY_A) = 140.154.
Second material constant (MOONEY_B) = 84.666
With the above material data:
• How to fill the different fields of the NX material form??.

• The Mooney-Rivlin material form in NX includes many fields like BULK MODULUS (K), but I only have constants Mooney-A and Mooney-B, how to derive the rest of values?.

• Also, where to put data values of Mooney-A and Mooney-B?.

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Re: Definiiton of Mooney-Rivling material model in NX AdvSim

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hallo Blas

I am not familiar with NX Nastran but I think you have to enter constants A & B under Distortional as Aij (where you curretly have those 0.001 entered). Then you need to calculate the D1 volumetric coefficient from the following equation:
D1 = 3*(1-2*v) / where v = Poisson

Gert F Botha