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External superelements - SEEXCLD


I need to use the SEEXCLD card to exclude some grids from the automatic connections of the external superelement with the residual structure, because I need those grids only to recover the dynamic response.


So I put all the grids (boundary+extra) in the ASET when creating the external superelement, but I am not sure where I should put the SEEXCLD card to avoid the extra grids connection: in the same file I use to create the superelement or in the analysis file where I assemble the superelement with the residual structure? I keep getting FATAL errors, so I think I am missing something.


Thank you


Re: External superelements - SEEXCLD

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
SEEXCLD Remarks from the QRG:
  1. SEEXCLD can only be specified in the main Bulk Data Section and is ignored after the BEGIN SUPER=n command.

  2. SEIDB may reference partitioned superelements or superelements defined in the main Bulk Data Section.

  3. This entry will only work if PART superelements (BEGIN SUPER) exist.

Re: External superelements - SEEXCLD


Ok, I managed to set the analysis not to have fatal errors, but still I do not see the outputs I requested in the f06 file. I see only eigenvalues.

In the input file I am asking for displacements in this way:




where SET 1 includes all the points I put in the SEEXCLD, but nothing is printed in the f06.