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Friendly reminder! - Tag your posts!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, 


Your admin here, thank you all for your questions and for the great answers to this community. It's small but it's going to grow. To make it more useful, why don't you tag your posts?


For those asking questions, when you get an answer that you like and accept as solution, why don't you also tag with the appropriate keywords? 


And for those providing answers, why don't you tag your own posts as well? 


Don't worry too much what the "right" keyword is, just tag what you think makes sense. I've reviewed and tagged all the prior posts and relevant answers & accepted solutions with tags, so if you look on the tag cloud on the main page they are more relevant. 


When composing a post type your comma separated tags in the Message Tags box. Or alternatively after posted or when accepting a solution, click on the "Add Tag.." link.


This will help new community members find answers to solutions and save you from repeating yourselves!



Simcenter 3D Community Manager
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