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GAP Elements

Could I use GAP elements for modeling bush between two cylinders. How do I have to set proper patameters for gep mesh if i want it works as a cotact. Bush is puted on inner cylinder without gap and has gap with outer cylinder 5 mm. thickness of the bush 30mm. Hight of the bush 150 mm.

Is there any exapmle of using gap elements in NX Help? I did not find any one.


Re: GAP Elements

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



Can I ask why you want to use CGAP specifically? CGAP is really a bilinear spring and only really works that way in SOL 106. CGAP is also harder to generate and orient correctly.


For SOL's other than 106, the newer surface-surface contact capability would be the way to go. It's easier to set up and typically produces smoother results.







Re: GAP Elements

Thank you for your reply JimB. I'm triing to use gar to simulate contact between plate object. I used 106 sol and it seens good.  I tryed surface-surface contactmesh. It seems work good. But there is one point to be crearify - stiffeness of the gap. Siemens recomends 3 * stiffness of connected object. How have i select proper stiffeness to simulate contact?