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Glue Contact Axisymmetric SOL601 (NX7.5)- Possible?

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I'm doing axisymmetric SOL601 and I need glued contact between parts (2D representations) to simplify the model but I can't find it.

Is it possible to setup a glue contact, or is dividing the face and applying two different materials to the meshes the only option?

Would appreciate help a.s.a.p.


Re: Glue Contact Axisymmetric SOL601 (NX7.5)- Possible?

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SOL 601/701 Remark 2 on BGSET bulk data:

"BGSET can only be used to glue 3D solid elements. Hence, both the source and target regions must be deined by the BSURFS or BCPROPS entry."

You should be able to use TIED contact. Create a BCTPARA contact set parameters object and set TIED to 'Tied'.

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