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Heat Transfer in a Tank


I'm very new with NX simulations, but was hoping someone could give me some guidance on how to proceed with this problem.


I am trying to set up a simulation for a diesel flame test for a hydrogen storage tank.  The hydrogen has an initial temperature of -193 C and is exposed to a flame of 827 C for 30 minutes.  The final temperature of the hydrogen after those 30 minutes must be below -90 C.  


As the pictures show, I have four solids.  The innermost region is the hydrogen, which I created an initial conditions constraint for the temperature.  The next three layers are the tank and insulation layers which I defined the material properties for.  I have surface to surface contacts for the layers that are touching and then a convection constraint on the outermost layer with the ambient termperature defined as 827 C.   


I am trying to get a transient solution, but I'm not sure that the conduction heat transfer is being properly analyzed.  The outer surface seems to correctly start at an intial temperature of 20 C and then increase with time, but the inner layers look they quickly jump to a new temperature, then remain there until the simulation is finished.  


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!