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How to create Stamping Simulation using solver NX Nastran / LS DYNA ?




i want to ask how to create stamping simulation using solver NX Nastran / LS-DYNA


I'm creating part that looks like bowl in modelling application, and then by using die design toolbar, i can create die and punch. The next step is using FEM and Simulation so i can get the data like stress, strain, etc.


i'm confused how to make the simulation between part, die and punch by using NX Nastran / LSdyna solver? i want to create the simulation that the punch is moving, push the part to dies, then the part is formed (looks like bowl), from that i can analyze the stress, strain to the part


i found on youtube but i didnt know how to create that simulation


can anyone give me a guide / tutorial to make this stamping simulation?


i attach the file that i've made (die, punch and part)


thank you for your cooperation

best regards,




Re: How to create Stamping Simulation using solver NX Nastran / LS DYNA ?

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Solution Partner Genius

Hi Daniels,


The youtube video that is introduced by you, seems only using Sol701, probably does not have anything to do with LS Dyna solver.


The attached figure from you, seems that you are trying to solve the simulation in NX, by using LS Dyna solver. But I am doubt that NX had fully support all the keywords for LS Dyna solver.


In my opinion, you can use NX to do the meshing job for stamping simulation. Then, you can utilize the free pre-post processor tool called LS PrePost, to further define the missing keywords from the generated NX input file. By the way, you will need to make sure you have LS Dyna solver, which is not a software product by SiemensPLM, but LSTC.