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How to keep references of load applications in .sim after .prt and .fem update?


Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a 2D plain stress simulation with several load cases in NX 9. Right now I run into the following problem:

My geometry part is parametrized with the help of expressions. If I have all three files (.prt, .fem, .sim) opened in NX, the loads behave as I want them to: When I change the geometry, the mesh can be updated and afterwards the loads are still applied to the correct edges (start points / end points of CAE edge).

Now I actually want to run these steps separately in batch mode. But when I change the .prt file (save and close), open the new updated .prt and .fem file, update the mesh (save and close), and now open the .prt, .fem and .sim file some of the loads are "asleep". My guess is that for some reason the .sim file does not "know" where to apply the loads anymore because it does not know how the edges have changed from the mesh update.

Is there any way to fix this?