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How to set AUTOMPC in Sol 701 to yes?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello guys,

I have a small problem. I coupled a 3D body with RBE 2 elements to one single point to set a initial velocity to this, but when I try to run the calculation it always says AUTOMPC should be set to YES.
So in Sol 701 in the parameters tab there is no possibility to select this. I tried to write it in the additional keywords space at the solver parameters dialog box, but I guess I am doing it wrong.


Please, can anybody tell me how to do this in a correct way?

Thank you.

Re: How to set AUTOMPC in Sol 701 to yes?

"PARAM,AUTOMPC,YES" is a Bulk Data Section command that relieves the user to carefully define rigid elements (or MPCs) so as to not have a conflict of the m-sets between elements. In addition, any redundant constraints will be eliminated. I recommend not to use at all this "automatic" mechanism (or use at last resource resort), I suggest to do things correctly, the user may spent time to investigate what is wrong in the FE model and define things correctly when using rigid elements (the typical error is to prescribe constraints to DEPENDENT nodes of rigid elements).
But PARAM,AUTOMPC,YES is a command of NX NASTRAN modules, is useless at all with Advanced Dynamic Transient Explicit Analysis (SOL701) ADINA solver.
Best regards,