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How to set & run "Batch Solving" in NX NASTRAN Enterprise solver?

Dear NX NASTRAN Enterprise solver users / Siemens PLM Software personnel,

Could you guys please share HOW TO SET & RUN "Batch Solving" in the Enterprise solver in the Windows XP 64-bit workstation?

For example, I know how to set it(to run multiple solves) in NX Advanced Simulation software:
Step1) Clone & then prepare few new SIM models with different Constraints, Loads, and Simulation Objects.
Step2 In the Simulation Navigator, right-click on the Simulation node → Solve All Solutions.
Step3) Can choose between launching all solves simultaneously or in sequential order.

I would like to learn how to perform the "similar/equivalent steps above" in the Enterprise solver in order to perform Batch solving.

Thanks for fellow users' help in advance. Smiley Happy

NX Adv. Sim. & NX NASTRAN Enterprise solver 8.1 user