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How to use "CBUSH" element in NX CAE Pre-processor?


I'm new to 1D Mesh/elements applications via NX 8 CAE.

I would like to learn how to use "CBUSH" element through NX Adv. FEM dialog boxes(of 1D Mesh and Mesh Associated Data), but canNOT find any tutorial from NX 8 Help Doc. Tutorials–Adv. Sim. as well as NX CAST.

A bit surprisingly, NX CAST has tutorials on FE modeling with solid elements, shell elements, & beam elements, BUT NO tutorial on 1D Mesh/elements such as CBUSH, CBUSH1D, CELAS1, CELAS2, CVISC, etc.
- I'm wondering how "new" NX CAE/FEA software users could learn how to properly use such 1D NX NASTRAN elements if without any "basic/simple" tutorials or step-by-step procedure examples available in the help files.

Q1: Does anyone have any NX CAE tutorials on CBUSH applications to share?
- Sharing "simple" tutorials/examples is good enough as long as could learn its fundamental application concepts through hands-on tutorials.

Q2: NX Help Doc states CBUSH Characteristics-Generalized 3D spring damper with 6 stiffnesses for 3 trans. & 3 rots.
- If not mistaken(sorry if didn't notice as still new to 1D elements), canNOT see any blank value field in the Mesh Associated Data dialog box for entering values "for each of the respective 6 stiffnesses"?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

NX 8 CAE user

Re: How to use "CBUSH" element in NX CAE Pre-processor?

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Siemens Builder

CBUSH references a PBUSH to set it's properties. There are no stiffness definitions on the mesh associated data dialog. If you edit the PBUSH property table associated to the collector, you will see 6 entries each for stiffness, structural damping and viscous damping. These directly correspond to the K1-K6, GE1-GE6 and B1-B6 entries on PBUSH

Jim Bernard
Advanced Applications Engineer

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