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NX 10 (worst principal stress)




I have opened the NX9 result file into the NX 10 environment and it has automatically calculated the worst principal stress. And this operation was pretty fast. If I will do it using multiple reduction builder then it will take lot of time.


From this I was wondering if there is any option in NX10 to define user specific formula for post-processing the stress results. So that after the simulation I will have these results directly into the main stress result file.


For example using Von-Mises Stress using sign of worst principal stress. I have the possibility to use the multiple reduction builder but it takes lot of time.


Any suggession on this would be nice.  





Re: NX 10 (worst principal stress)

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Hello Sam,


Worst principal stress was an enhancement to post's basic results support. It's one of the derived stresses that NX calculates for you, which is always going to be the fastest approach. Also new in NX 10 is the results probe capabilities. It lets you define your own derived results as an item attached to solution sets. It is similar to generating your own results with the existing envelope, reduction, and combine results capabilities. It doesn't rely on UNV files though. The results probe results creation process is very repeatable and managed better than creating your own results in a standalone file. For example a results probe is never out of sync with your model because when displaying results from a results probe, it calculates the results from the current solution's results.


Please take a look at the What's New in NX 10 material for more details on results probes. There is also a tutorial on Learning Advantage that will step you through some of the process related to results probes. The NX 10 online help has a video on results probes.


Repeated use of results probes are limited in NX 10 to solution sets defined in SIM file templates. If you use new file templates (you use the default ones every time you create a new file in NX if you don't use your own) that contain solutions, then you can define results probes on those solutions. Each time you create a new SIM with that template, the solution and its results probe will be there. We are extending results probe portability to be able to copy them between solutions in a SIM and between SIMs via import simulation entities. You can expect to see these extensions and more in NX 11.





Mark Lamping

Simulation Product Management

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Re: NX 10 (worst principal stress)


Hello Mark,


thanks for your reply and information.

I am new to NX10 and will look into the result probe/variable option.

Hopefully it will speed up the process.