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NX Nastran Error message




Hi Blas.

kindly advise,


I have got the below error message when solving,


"Edge gluing load/ ssso are not applied as a result of an incorrect selection

NX Nastran Error"


BC were, Edge region to surface region contact (non-linear)


I had 3D Model of Plate and Holoow tube, to be welded, 

(To Establish a all-round fillet weld around the intersection of pipe and perpedicularly positioned plate just like a cantilever beam).





Re: NX Nastran Error message

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Per Remark 2 on BEDGE in the NX Nastran QRG, edge-edge glue is only valid on the edges of shell type elements:


◦The grid point IDs on the BEDGE entry used to define a glue edge region
must be included in the connectivity of the shell elements CQUAD4,
CQUADR, CQUAD8, CTRIA3, CTRIAR, CTRIA6, the axisymmetric 
elements CTRAX3, CQUADX4, CTRAX6, CQUADX8, the plane stress 
elements CPLSTS3, CPLSTS4, CPLSTS6, CPLSTS8, or the plane strain 
elements CPLSTN3, CPLSTN4, CPLSTN6, CPLSTN8. Axisymmetric, plane 
stress and plane strain elements can all be paired. Edges on 3D solid 
elements are not supported.



You have applied an Edge Glue boundary condition to a polygon edge that is not related to any of the above elements (i.e. a solid body meshed with tetrahedrons)