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NX Nastran license file


I'm new to NX Nastran. I try to use SOl 601, 106 in Teamcenter. I  set NX13500  as first and SC12500 as second in  select bundles. It gave license error message when I try to solve it.  Is there a way to check license file in Teamcenter to see if the license available. Thanks.






Re: NX Nastran license file

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Those two bundles 13500 and 12500 do not include a license for the Advanced Nonlinear Adina solvers (SOL601, 701).


13500 - NX Mach 3 with Nastran

12500 - NX Mach 3 without Nastran

NX Mach 3 - NX CAD and CAE pre/post


Speak to your Siemens PLM representative in order to get those licenses you want. I don't think they're available in bundles anyway, you would need to purchase/loan them as add-ons.