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Need help on NX NASTRAN structural Simulation for multi phase loading

HI Everybody

Can any one guide me on how to setup the below alalysis of the model in NX NASTRAN.

There are Three separate testing phases are performed to simulate both stress and number of cycles on the Bone plate as shown in attached Image file. it is assembly analysis with bone screw and plate.

1, The assembly are preloaded to 10N at each phase and then loaded to 100N, 200N, and 300N in Phases 1, 2, and 3, respectively, at a rate of 2N/s.

For this I have modeled the FEM, and applied the load at the rate of 2N/S for the first phase. I have solved it using SESTATIC 101 - Single constraint.

Please guide me on how to do the analysis of dynamic loaded for 2000 cycles at the frequency of 2Hz After reaching the maximum load in 1st phase 100N. What solution type need to be used here?

Please also advise on how to transfer the load from one linear static to Response simulation and back to linear static to simulate the multi phases.

Thanks a lot in advance

With Best Regards