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New release of NX Nastran V9.0

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NX Nastran V9.0, a new NX Nastran release containing many enhancements and corrections, is now available by download since last October 3, 2013 for platformrs Linux (64-bit) and Windows (64-bit Intel).


NX NASTRAN: Multiple Solution Domains -- One Solver


A complete list of enhancements and corrections can be found in the NX Nastran V9.0 Release Guide (to learn more you can visit my blog at A quick review of enhancements includes:

Dynamics ...

  • New AF (Amplitude-Frequency) eigenvector normalization method.
  • Laminate ply results recovery for shell elements in transient solutions.
  • RMS von Mises stress now computed for random analysis.
  • Residual vector defaults changed to make usage easier.
  • Rotor dynamic forces now computed in SOL 101 to allow maneuver load simulation.
  • Rotor dynamic bearing element extended to support stiffness and damping as a function of displacement. Currently limited to use in SOL101.

Elements ...

  • Improved stress recovery for tetrahedron elements used in SOL 106 or SOL129.

Multi-step Nonlinear ...

  • A new NX Nastran solution sequence, SOL 401 - NLSTEP, has been created. It is a multistep, structural solution which supports a combination of static (linear or nonlinear) subcases and modal (real eigenvalue) subcases.

Glue Connections ...

  • Option to output glue stiffness matrix in DMIG format.

Advanced Non-Linear ...

  • New MATPLCY material model is available for solutions 601 and 701 to define plastic-cyclic materials.
  • Bolt preloads on 3D element bolt representations.
  • Edge-Edge glue connection support for 2D solid elements.
  • Support rotational loads applied to a subset of the model.

Optimization ...

  • Equivalent Radiated Power (ERP) added as a DRESP response quantity

Process Improvements ...

  • A new system cell to optionally turn off the line numbers in the PUNCH file
  • Multiple ACCEL1 entries with the same SID are now permitted
  • Option to suppress DMAP compiler warning messages that arise because of undefined input or output to DMAP commands.
  • Option to control the numerical precision of matrix data that NX Nastran writes to OP4 files for EXTSEOUT and MBDEXPORT.

Parallel Processing (DMP and SMP) Solutions …

  • Improved algorithmic performance for RDMODES. In one test case of a car body model that contains 384,000 elements, 391,000 grids, and 2,300,000 DOF, the elapsed time is reduced by 50%.

Numerical Performance ...

  • Option for frequency response solution to be performed with in-core memory. In many large models, this provides significant back-end solution performance.

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Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: New release of NX Nastran V9.0

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The official NX9 page is located here:


You can also click on the link for NX NASTRAN, and see additional info for the release.



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