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No response from NX Nastran remote query when using DMP


Hi all,

When I use the 3 severs to carry out DMP analysis in NX Nastran 10.2, some strange things happen.
If I start from server1, it can connect to server2 and server3 and carry out the analysis on the 3 servers.
However, when I start from server2 , it cannot connect to server1 and server3.

The error message is shown below:
*** USER WARNING MESSAGE (pgm: nastran, fn: validate_dmp_hosts)
No response from NX Nastran remote query:
c:/siemens/nxn10p2/em64tntl/nastran.exe -d0 -rN10.2

On each server , the single host dmp can run correctly.
And the setting for NX Nastran is the same on the 3 servers.

I contacted the expert in GTAC and they suggest that No response from NX Nastran remote query error means there is some network/communication issue.
However, I don't think this can explain the problem as the DMP can work when start from server 1.
Can anybody help to solve this issue?


Best Regards
Zong fang