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Non linear simulation issue


Hi all,


I wanted to simulate apply a load on a model with fixed constraints and then to see the plastic deformations of the model without any load applyed. But after many research, I didn't succeed. The only results I have in my simulation are the displacement of my model with the applyed Load.

I tryed to  simulate this case with SOL 106. I tryed applying time increment for the load, but the results are still the same : 8 frames of the static deformation..


I don't know if I am clear here..


I would grealty appreciate some help here.


If you want many informations, I can provide some details.






Re: Non linear simulation issue

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Solution Partner Phenom


You need to load the FE model beyond the yield stress and then unloaded, creating a function to represent a strain vs. stress curve and use it to define a nonlinear material using NX NASTRAN (SOL106).

Regarding Loads & Constraints you need to create two Load Sets in order to simulate a loading condition and an “unloaded” condition. A load does need to be applied for the unloaded condition for the analysis to run, so a very small load will be applied in a second load set to accomplish the “relaxation” of the FE model.

Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Non linear simulation issue

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SOL 106 does not us a time increment loading scheme. Loads defined in each subcase are linearly ramped based on the number of increments specified on the NLPARM card.


To see residual affects, you need to specify an additional subcase with no loads defined. The loads will be ramped down from whatever they were in the previous subcase to 0.0 in this final subcase.

Re: Non linear simulation issue


Thank you for your explanations, helped me a lot !