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Nonlinear contact Sol601,106

I am testing a nonlinear contact problem (i.e. nonlinear material) using two square blocks seperated by a very small distance. I already know from a non contact problem exactly what the plastic strain is when I unload the force at my last time step.

The contact problem is simple but the results I obtain make no sense at all. I have placed soft springs into the model and placed very small displacements with my initial time steps with no usable results. Any suggestions? I am running advanced simulation vs 7.5.3

Re: Nonlinear contact Sol601,106

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It sounds like one block is fixed and the second unconstrained (depends on the contact to provide a path to ground). Whenever you have an initially unconstrained body like this, particularly when a load is applied in the unconstrained direction, you need either very small initial time steps (along with time dependent loading), or matrix stabilization, or both.

In this case you may be able to simply turn on matrix stabilization on the Analysis Options tab in the Strategy Parameters modeling object. It should be sufficient to prevent uncontrolled displacement until contact is established.

If that does not work, please post a model.

Jim Bernard
Advanced Applications Engineer

Siemens PLM Software
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Re: Nonlinear contact Sol601,106

Hello Jim,

The actual test problem was for two blocks in compressive contact. I not only turned on Matrix Stabilization but also Low speed dynamics. The elastic plastic problem with contact now works.