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Nonlinear material - how to define?


I am trying to define a nonlinear material, but I get strange results.

I am using FEMAP as pre/post.

I define a very simple material, stress Vs. strain type of function, first point is 0,0, second point is yield point, and 3rd and last point is failure point.
Every time I run an analysis, I never get results that go beyond the yield point.
Most of the times the analysis stops at that point and I get max results (Von misses) that are not beyond the yield point.

When I run the same analysis but with a linear material, I get results that go beyond the yield point, and the analysis doesn't crash and finishes with success.

I tried to setup a nonlinear materials with more points (between yield and failure) but got the same results.

How do I setup a non-linear material so that it will work as expected from the material in real life?