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Number of eigen values on SOL 103


Hello again. When I do a SOL 103 analysis on NX10.0, where do I define the number of Eigenvalues that I want as a result?


Re: Number of eigen values on SOL 103

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In Nastran, this ic controlled by an EIGRL bulk data card referenced by a METHOD card in case control.


For a METHOD in the global case, edit the solution in NX. In the Case Control section, define a Lanczos Data Modeling object. This object allows you to define min and max frequency, number of modes, and all other fields on the EIGRL card.


For a METHOD in a specific subcase, edit the subcase and select a Lanczos Data modeling object in that location.


If a different method is defined in each location, the one defined in the subcase is used for the analysis.