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Plate or Shell Element Offset in Linear Buckling (SOL 105)


Manual says below: 

In NX NASTRAN v10 the linear buckling analysis (SOL105) still has the offset restriction.

Offsets should not be used in beam, plate, or shell elements (except CQUADR/CTRIAR) for
buckling analysis.


Does this mean that CQUADR/CTRIAR can handle offset properly in SOL105?

If yes, can somebody explain how NX Nastran consider the shell elements offset in SOL105?


MSC Nastran to correctly consider offsets in buckling and nonlinear analysis. It's done through the use of the MDLPRM card, specifically MDLPRM, OFFDEF, <option>. This capability was added in MSC Nastran 2010. DMLPRM card changes all shell offset to move elements up by the offset values and connect them by using MPC to the meshing plan.


Does CQUADR/CTRIAR consider the offset in similar way as MSC Nastran does or is there any special formulation included in CQUADR/CTRIAR element fomulation ?