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Problems with SSD WINDOWS 10



I`working with NX 8.5 for about two years withot any problems.


My problem now:


I`m running NX 8.5 momentarily on two machines: My about 10 years (!) old Desktop PC (Windows 7 32 bit, 4GB RAM , slow old processor ) - rather proper and quick. System Specifications in shortform  see in Attached Picture nr 1 (Windows 7- Machine)


Now i installed NX 8.5 (same version)  on a very new Acer Aspire E15 (WINDOWS 10 64, Intel CORE I7, SSD, 8 GB RAM).System Specifications in shortform  of this newer PC confer in Attached Picture nr 2 (Windows 10- Machine)


Astonishingly NX 8. 5 runs slower and with on this new PC with this fast processor and SS:

3-D-Objects will be shown explicit delayed (nearly 1 second after touching it with mousepointer /cursor)


All other programs like e.g. office applications etc. are running properly and really very fast- explicit faster than on than old W7-machine



So is there some preference or option of NX 8.5 to be changed, to make it run faster or at least as fast as on thhat old WINDOWS 7 PC? Maybe any Graphic Card changes or something like that?


Otherweise I have to return the new computer, because I need it in the first line for NX- working


Thanks for every hint