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RBE3 in superelement model


Hello everybody,


I have to compute a superelement analysis with NX Nastran 10.0. I import different superelement in one single assemblyfem simulation and than perform all analysis.

In particular, to connect each superelement with RBE3 (not RBE2 because using this type of element introduce high stiffness near the spider!).

However I notice that the simulation 103 - Superelement do not work and the simulation fail.


Can someone help me?


Re: RBE3 in superelement model

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

What do you mean by fail? What sort of meesage to oyu get?

I did some testing a while ago (purely as a profressinal interest!) with 1 SE and manage to get to work

Production: NX.CAE, NX.CAE
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)