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STRCUR: output unitless?


I made a simple simulation in NX 10, using NX NASTRAN SOL 101, modelling a plate using CQUAD4 elements of isotropic material. Then, from the Case Control tab in the Solution dialog, I edited the Structural Output Request -> Strain -> Plate Curvature to be "STRCUR" instead of "FIBER".


After running the simulation, I'm suprised to find that it displays the Shell Strain Resultant -> Strain Curvature (in either direction KXX, KYY, KXY) is displayed as "unitless", whereas I think it should have unit "1/mm". Changing the solver units through Advanced Sovler Options to (N)(m)(kg) changes this results by a factor 1000, reinforcing my suspicion that the curvature displayed is indeed not unitless.


Can I trust that the curvature is indeed displayed in "1/mm"? (or, 1/x with x the chosen units, despite what NX makes me want to believe), and if so, should I file a bug report somewhere?