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Solid Composite Formulation




I'm new to solid composites and am trying to understand their use. I'm more used to MSC NASTRAN, but on the various tests I've run NX NASTRAN has proved much easier when dealing with solid composites.


One difference which stands out and raises questions however concerns the available formulations: MSC NASTRAN proposes the "solid shell composite" formulation when only one hex element represents a ply stack, and the "solid layered composite" formulation when several hex elements are in the stack thickness. Is there something similar in NX? Is their a PARAM for this or is the formulation always the same?


I wouldn't know wether the dual formulation is justified or not, I would simply like to know wether there are parameters worth knowing about and using relating to solid composites. I looked through the qrg and couldn't find much info... I only used these 3 cards: PCOMPS, MAT11 ad MATFT.






Re: Solid Composite Formulation

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The NX pre-processor gives you significant flexibility in assigning laminate plies to different layers of solid elements.


Assigning several plies per element layer allows you to limit the size of the fem. It's also easy for you to define a minimum number of solid layers to correctly model bending stiffness. NX gives you the choice to define your composites mesh and the associated laminate definitions as a function of your structure and the loading.


This is all done using the PCOMPS, MAT11 and MATFT cards in the Nastran input file. No PARAM required, this is all done in the pre-processor.



Philippe Tremblay