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Superlements in NX Nastran

Hi to all,

I am pretty new to NX and using NX Advanced Simulation. I need to handle a large model and I am having problems. Now I read something about using Superlements in NX. I read the User Guide etc. of the official Documentation but I am still not clear about how to use these Superlements. Can anybody send me an example or explain me how to use Superlements in NX Nastran?

Thanks in advance

Re: Superlements in NX Nastran

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

NX 7.5 support for superelements focuses on the creation of a reduced model (superelement), but not the application of that reduced model as a component in a system analysis. NX 8.0.0 will support the ability to define a system analysis model that uses reduced models as components. Here are high level details on the process in NX 8.0.0. The user builds a system model using assembly FEM and can represent component FEMs as external superelements. These external superelements are OP2 files that are created by the "superelement solve" similar to what is supported in NX 7.5. The external superelement DOF are connected to the remaining structure via standard pre-processing methods and the system model may be solved with this reduced set of DOF. The process is supported completely from pre-processing, solution, and post-processing.

If you want further details you may contact me directly.

Mark Lamping
CAE Technical Consultant
Siemens PLM Software
(513) 576-2073