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Time and spatial varying temperature field in SOL601




I've used NX Multiphysics (version 11) to do a thermal analysis on my model to calculate the temperature for every node, for several time steps. I want to implement these results with a time and spatial varying temperature field (thus, the independent variables are time and X, Y and Z coordinates) on a structural analysis. I want to do this using SOL601, which according to supports the DTEMP case control command.


When I add a temperature load set with this field, the card type is defined as "TEMP" and I can't find out how to change this to "DTEMP", which I suppose it should be.


Using this "TEMP" card type, the solver terminates with the following error message:

ERROR : Boundary Condition Temperature is defined using a 4D field. This 
type of definition is not supported for this boundary condition


Does anyone know how I can change the card type to "DTEMP" or has any other suggestion?


Kind regards,