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Torsion in shafts: shear stress



I am trying to simulate a simple solid shaft that is fixed at one end face and has a torsion applied to another end face. 

If I choose the load type as torsion in NX 11, it does not allow me to select the end face for applying torsion, instead, it applies the torsion load to the circumferential face (shown in the figure attached). 

Because of which I am getting wrong results (shown in the figure). According to theory, the shear stress does not vary with the length of the beam and only radially. I am getting somewhat correct results only at the face which is fixed and not in rest of the modal. I am doing a 3D analysis using tetra elements. 

When I am doing the same thing in Ansys, it allows to define a torsion load at the end face and gives me desired results (attached ANSYS result figure) to give an idea of shear stress results I want.

Is there a way to apply torsion load at end face or am I doing something wrong? My objective is to teach students in my class about the simple torsion in a solid shaft concepts using NX. 





Ashwani Thakur.


Re: Torsion in shafts: shear stress


Hi Ashwani


I am unfamiliar with NX11 (I use FEMAP) - but the methodology should apply.


If you create a RBE2/RBE3 at the shaft end location you will be able to create a moment load at the central node.


TORSION.JPGThis produced the shear plot that you are after - constant along the length (excluding spike at either end).

Re: Torsion in shafts: shear stress


Thanks, It worked.