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User Material in Nonlinear Simulation




I have created a user subroutine in Fortran for elastomers. (nearly incompressible with two field variation, total and updated lagrange, invariant and principal stretch based models, isotropic mullins softening, micro-macro approach, etc.). Is it possible to use a fortran subroutine in NX nonlinear simulation (SOL601)? I need both deformation gradients at the beginning and at the end of an increment and the current temperature for thermal expansion - nothing special. If yes, is there an information available which versions of compilers are compatible with NX? How do I active user subroutines / user materials in NX?


(subroutines like UMAT for Abaqus or HYPELA2 for MSC.Marc.)


I'm very thankful for every hint to accomplish this task!


P.S.: I found this information in the NX12 documentation (SOL401 Multistep nonlinear) where the Deformation Gradient entry is currently described as "Deformation gradient at the previous time step. This is currently undefined." Does anybody know additional information for NXUMAT? In which configuration is NXUMAT called (Total, updated lagrange or a Abaqus/Marc like jaumann updated lagrange)?


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Re: User Material in Nonlinear Simulation


This topic seems like a mystery in NX... Smiley Frustrated