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What is the difference between ADINA (SOL 701) and LS-Dyna (SOL 700)


My company is looking for a solver to do crashworthy simulation. With our existing basic Nastran Desktop bundle, I can see we can either purchase 601/701 which use ADINA as the solver and 700 which use LS-Dyna.


I know LS-Dyna is famous of doing crashworthy simulation but how does the ADINA compare with it in terms of performance and ease of use?


Re: What is the difference between ADINA (SOL 701) and LS-Dyna (SOL 700)

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Siemens Phenom

NX Nastran does not have a SOL 700 and does not interface with LS-Dyna.


NX Nastran SOL 701 is the Adina explicit solver. It is a capable explicit solver, but does not have all of the crash specific material models and capabilities (i.e. airbags, windshield glass, etc.) that LS-Dyna does.


NX Simulation does have a LS-Dyna environment and will export a LS-Dyna input file, however, not all LS-Dyna functionality is supported. NX Post Processing will display results from a LS-Dyna .d3p file. LS-Dyna is not bundled with NX Simulation. LS-Dyna licenses would have to be purchased separately from LSTC.