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apply heat flux for TMG



I have the following situation : I am trying to apply a heat flux field on a 3D tetra mesh, in NX, to launch a thermal analysis in TMG. The model is ~500 000 elements, there are about ~150 000 element faces on the outside surface of the mesh. Originally I have the flux in VTK format, I can easily convert it to any custom text format eg {elemID; faceID; Q}.


I tried creating a XML file for NX but importing/generating the TMG data took hours.
I tried creating directly a TMG .inpf file but it’s tedious as well.

Plus the few tests I’ve ran tend to show that TMG averages heat flux values on adjacent element faces. Is this normal? Is there a way to avoid it?


What is the best way, the best format to do this? I am looking for an efficient way to import and create the run data for TMG, to run a thermal analysis with a heat flux field on the outside surface of a 3D mesh.

Thanks in advance